CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP– Customer relationship is the heart of every business and more so at Kiwi Discount Limited . Customers are not just one of the stakeholders for our business but our reason to do business, maintaining delightful Customer Relationship is our forte.


TEAMWORK– At Kiwi Discount Limited , Teamwork is coming together of a group of highly motivated people who are committed to achieving organization goal and willing to be held accountable at the same time for their actions and results.


OPENNESS & TRUST– The first and foremost aspect of openness is trust? Fairness? Kiwi Discount Limited  values its employees and believes in a work environment encompassing Openness & Trust, in all of its communications and actions.


INTEGRITY– At Kiwi Discount Limited , Integrity is the foundation of our reputation. We follow highest ethical and moral standards, and display honesty in all our actions, methods and measures.


EXCELLENCE–  At Kiwi Discount Limited , we strive for Excellence in all that we do however big or small the task may be, and are never content with being the second best.


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