Solar Power LED Wall Light- 20 led

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Features: LED Solar Wall Light

Recharged by Sunlight and Store Power for overnight Lighting

Over 12 Hours Lighting Time After One Day Charge

Weatherproff IP64,Heatproof and Durable

Intelligent Energy-Saving

PIR-CDS Night Sensor

Solor Panel: 0.55w,5.5V

Li-on Battery: 1200mah,3.7V

LED Power: 0.2w, 5000K-5500K, 12PCS 22-24im/Pcs

Motion Angle and Distance: 120',3m

High Light Delay: 10S

Switch: OFF/Auto

Lighting Mode: OFF/High Light

Size: 124*96*48mm


Illuminate your entryway with the Solar Powered Wall Mounted Motion Sensor LED Light, activating when it detects movement so you can recover your keys with ease and ward off potential intruders with 20 bright SMD LEDs.

Motion detection

Charging throughout the day and activating once it’s dark, these sensor lights shut off when no one is around, only illuminating when they detects motion up to 3m with a wide 120° detection angle, helping to conserve battery.

No running costs and effortless setup!

Thanks to their solar-powered functionality, these motion sensor LED lights boast zero running costs while the wall-mountable design allows for effortless setup. Simply secure them to your entryway and watch them light up!




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